Meet Us

The volunteer chairs from the Rotary that head the Amacon Mississauga Rotary Ribfest.

The chairs contact everybody and plan that everything goes according to plan. They contact the bands and entertainment so you don’t eat your ribs in silence. They contact you if you want to volunteer. They contact Ribbers to make sure they’re ready for a Ribful night at the Amacon Mississauga Rotary Ribfest.


Young Ngo

Ribfest Chair

x Years

Tom Macpherson

Food Vendor Chair

15 Years

Gordon West

Beverage Chair

10 Years

Dave Raves

Gates Chair

10 Years

Fazle Naqvi

Marketing Chair

x Years

Karen Chanady

Volunteer Chair

x Years

Rick Menartowicz
mac lafrance

Lucie Shaw

Vice Chair / Set Up Chair

7 years

Joe Plens

Non-Food Vendor Chair

5 Years

Rick Menartowicz

Layout / Site Services Chair

x Years

Steve Leitch

Signage Chair

6 Years

Mac LaFrance

Logistics Chair

x Years

Dave Hope

Security Chair

5 Years


Richard Fawcett


15 Years

Richard Blake

Sponsorship Chair

6 Years

Pieter Kool

Entertainment Chair

15 Years

David Schirmer

Waste Management Chair

x Years

Bernie St. Louis

Awards / Health Inspection Chair

x Years